Elementary School Contest Math

Academic Year Mathematics

Math contests allow students to review old topics and to discover and explore new topics through a variety of challenging problems. In this course, we use problems from Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiads in the Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), and the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8) to deepen student understanding of the fundamentals while developing complex critical-thinking skills.

Sample Problems

Below are examples of some of the types of problems that students will encounter in our Elementary School Contest Math course.
"General coaching classes at many academic training centers stress repetition of the concept until a student grasps it thoroughly. At AoPS Academy, they go far beyond repetition. Their highly qualified instructors do a great job at teaching fundamental concepts to students at much greater depth, and challenge them to walk that extra mile by presenting them with more complex problems to solve. It provides a great learning experience in a friendly, fun, yet competitive and challenging environment. They provide their students with a combination of excellent instructional curriculum along with amazing online tools. AoPS Academy also encourages students to take part in various competitions. Overall they do an incredible job imparting a deep knowledge of both math and language arts to all of their students, and AoPS Academy sets them on a path towards their career goals. We are happy to be part of AoPS Academy family!"
-Sandeep J.
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