Training Today's Brightest Minds to Solve Tomorrow's Problems
Art of Problem Solving brings its problem-solving teaching methods to academic centers, with one Virtual Campus, twelve physical locations in the US, and more being added every year.
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After School, Weekend, and Summer Courses for Grades 2–12
Success in school and in life requires critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Students build all three in our challenging math, science, and language arts classes.
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A History of Success
Since 2003, AoPS materials have been used by winners of every major math competition as well as students admitted to the best schools in the world.
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More than test preparation, our rigorous math, science, and language arts classes inspire students to reach their full potential.
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We deliver the AoPS curriculum to eager learners in communities across the United States.
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Where Exploration Meets Challenge
Art of Problem Solving has been a leader in math education for high-performing students since 1993. We launched AoPS Academy in 2016 to bring our rigorous curriculum and expert instructors into classrooms around the United States. With campuses in 8 states (and growing!), our approach nurtures a love for complex problem solving, which is fully incorporated into all our math, science, and language arts courses. Most importantly, our students become part of a community of motivated learners that helps elevate them to new heights.
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AoPS is an amazing resource for talented students worldwide. I truly believe that your classes and books are making a huge improvement in how top students learn math. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this.
Excited Dad
I want to take a moment to also say how impressed I am with my son's class. I appreciated the introduction letter explaining what to expect that we received before the course started. This is the most challenging class Sam has ever taken, and I'm so glad he's stretching to reach his potential.
Happy Mom
Even my most accomplished, creative students improved their problem-solving skills dramatically after working through the first few chapters of AoPS's Precalculus.
Thrilled Teacher
I've been surprised and happy seeing what my six-year-old son has accomplished while using Beast Academy. It's been amazing to hear him explain how to square numbers ending in five! Beast Academy has helped me challenge him, and I love that it's challenging me, too. We're having so much fun learning math together. Because of Beast Academy, I get to see my son's face light up when I tell him it's time for math.
Lesley S
My nine-year-old son LOVES his class! The math is inspiring, the teacher has a wonderful sense of humor, and he got to meet other students who love math as much as he does. Amazing job! Thank goodness we found AoPS!
Excited Dad
My younger son is a very active learner and had been completely turned off math by the 'memorize and repeat' work he did before coming to AoPS Academy. He used to fight every teacher on math work. Now he's zipping through the Beast Academy workbooks and online practice. In just a short amount of time with your math program, he’s become a little math guy!
Jean R
My son just took the SAT and got a perfect 800 in math. Thanks, AoPS Academy, for helping him advance his skills!
Thrilled Mom
My son used to feel awful and give up when he got math problems wrong. But it doesn’t seem to bother him this year, and he's developing persistence as he works on hard problems. Thank you for helping kids take on challenges and really shine!
Happy Dad
My children love AoPS Academy and look forward to class every week. AoPS maintains a high standard with their focus on high-achieving students and selective admissions process. I truly admire the staff's skill at keeping students engaged and challenged.
Sumali S
The staff at AoPS Academy do a great job helping students reach their fullest potential. My children have learned to think logically and creatively through solving tough problems. I'm glad we found this valuable resource!
Usha D
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