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Alcumus Contest

The Alcumus Contest runs from 5:00am ET August 15, 2020 to 5:00am ET April 5, 2021, and is open to students enrolled in Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 at AoPS Academy physical campuses. Eligible students will see the participation button on top of this page once they've signed into their student accounts.


The Alcumus Contest is split into four divisions, one for each of the four courses for which the contest is available. Students must be enrolled in the corresponding AoPS Academy course to participate in the contest. The contest uses the AoPS online learning system Alcumus, which is divided into 5 subjects. The subjects that will be used to determine the scores for students in each division are as follows:

  • Prealgebra: Prealgebra, Number Theory
  • Algebra 1: Algebra, Counting & Probability
  • Geometry: Geometry
  • Algebra 2: Intermediate Algebra

For example, a student who is enrolled in Algebra 1 will only earn contest points from problems in the Algebra and Counting & Probability subjects in Alcumus for the Algebra 1 Division of the contest. Students who are enrolled in multiple AoPS Academy courses may compete separately in multiple divisions, earning points in each respective division when solving problems in corresponding Alcumus subjects.

To change subject and topic in Alcumus, students can click the "Change Focus" link in the upper left box.

Students earn points for each Alcumus problem solved during the contest. Students may encounter some problems multiple times during the contest. The first time a student encounters a problem between 5:00am ET August 15, 2020 and 5:00am ET April 5, 2021, the student will earn between 250 and 1000 points for solving the problem correctly, with harder problems worth more points than easier problems. No points are earned if the problem is not solved correctly. If the student encounters the problem again during the contest and solves it correctly, then the second and third correct answers will each award 1/6 of the points available the first time the student encountered the problem. No further points will be awarded for solving the same problem.

Ties will be broken based on the longest streak, with the student who had the most consecutive days earning points through the duration of the contest being ranked higher (note that this does not necessarily coincide with the student's current streak). In the event that two students also have the same longest streak, they will be tied in the rankings. For a day to count towards a student's streak, they must earn points prior to 11:59 PM ET. With this in mind, we encourage students to set aside a consistent time each day to work on math contest problems.

Students can start to earn points on August 15, 2020, but the scores and leaderboards will not be revealed here until sometime in early October.

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