Our Team

Our Founders

Richard Rusczyk

Art of Problem Solving was founded by Richard Rusczyk in 2003 to create interactive educational opportunities for avid math students. Richard is the author or a co-author of 7 AoPS textbooks and a past Director of the USA Mathematical Talent Search. He was a participant in National MATHCOUNTS, a three-time participant in the Math Olympiad Summer Program, and a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner (1989). He received the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions Paul Erdös Award in 2014. He graduated from Princeton University in 1993, and worked as a bond trader for D.E. Shaw & Company for four years. AoPS marks Richard's return to his vocation - educating motivated students.

Glen Dawson

In 2014, Glen founded a learning center in Morrisville, North Carolina, that two years later became the first AoPS Academy campus. Glen served as the National Director of AoPS Academy until his retirement in 2019. He has experience as a college math professor, statistician, and expert SAS programmer. He has been a professional math tutor for many years, and specializes in training academically-advanced and high-performing math students. Glen is a graduate of Duke University and holds a graduate degree in statistics from Boston University.

David Patrick

Dave joined AoPS in 2004. He is the author or a co-author of 4 AoPS textbooks. Dave earned the sole perfect score on the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME) in 1988 and was a USA Mathematical Olympiad winner that year. He attended the Research Science Institute (RSI) in 1987, and the Math Olympiad Summer Program in 1988, where he first met fellow student Richard Rusczyk. He also finished in the top 10 on the Putnam exam in 1991. Dave graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1992 with a BS in Mathematics/Computer Science and an MS in Mathematics. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in mathematics from MIT in 1997. He was an acting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington from 1997 to 2001. Dave is originally from Western New York and is an alumnus of the SUNY Buffalo Gifted Math Program.

National Staff

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Jess Alexander

Jess Alexander Business Operations Coordinator

Jess is a Business Operations Coordinator for AoPS Academy. She graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in clinical and social psychology, and worked as a research coordinator prior to joining AoPS. Jess has a love for the scientific process, problem solving, statistics, and teaching/mentoring. Outside of work, she enjoys learning new songs on guitar and ukulele, taking care of her collection of plants, practicing ice skating and roller skating maneuvers, finding new coffee shops and places to explore in San Diego, and taking online courses about everything from HTML to Dog Psychology.

Ashley Beck

Ashley Beck West Regional Director

Ashley is the West Regional Director for AoPS Academy. She has always been interested in mathematics education, earning a BS from Brigham Young University, an MS from Arizona State University and is currently writing her dissertation to finish her PhD. She’s been teaching math since 2010. While teaching at ASU she was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the graduate and professional student association. She has a long history with math competitions, ranging from earning a perfect score in the Continental Math League in 6th grade, being the resident math expert on Scholastic Bowl, competing on her high school’s math team (which won state every year), to solving the problems on the current AMC for fun. She’s a Chicago native who loves reading, hosting game nights, playing volleyball, competing in trivia, and catching all the Pokémon.

Bryn Bishop

Bryn Bishop Senior Physics Curriculum Developer

Bryn joined AoPS in 2021. She has a B.S. in Physics, a master’s in STEM education, and taught physics courses in public high schools for a decade. Bryn is passionate about developing innovative and equitable curricula that nurture lifelong curiosity in all learners. She is also actively involved with the American Association of Physics Teachers and her local chapter in Southern California. In her free time, Bryn enjoys adventuring with her family throughout San Diego and the world via foot, bike, car, boat, or plane. She also has numerous hobbies such as photography, astronomy, reading, and martial arts.

Kalin Cameron

Kalin Cameron Senior Language Arts Curriculum Developer

Kalin is thrilled to be developing curriculum with Art of Problem Solving. She previously taught and developed curriculum at a project-based charter school in San Diego. She has extensive experience teaching language arts and was the English teacher at a Spanish language elementary school in Mountain View, California. Prior to classroom teaching, Kalin used her passion for the creative arts as a children’s theatre director. Kalin earned her Masters in education from Stanford University and BA in theatre from The University of California, San Diego.

Roger Chao

Roger Chao Bay Area Regional Director

Roger Chao is the Bay Area Regional Director for AoPS Academy. Roger holds a BA in English from the University at Buffalo and a PhD in English with a focus in rhetoric and composition from the University of Washington. He began his journey with AoPS as the Language Arts Associate Director at the Bellevue campus, and then as Campus Director there. Prior to joining the company, Roger was an assistant professor of writing at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. In his free time, Roger enjoys hiking, playing Magic the Gathering, and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Channie Chen

Channie Chen Admissions Growth Coordinator

Channie is the Admissions Growth Coordinator for AoPS Academy. Channie joined AoPS in 2021 after working in the higher education field. She received her master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and spent the past ten years in undergraduate admissions and recruitment. During her previous career, she enjoyed working with school counselors, students and parents, and held a passion for helping students find the best fit in education. She played significant roles in campus-wide initiatives to plan, establish, and deliver support services to student populations with specific needs. Channie became an AoPS parent before joining its professional team. Her daughter is delighted with the AoPS textbooks, teachers, and fellow students, and has made significant academic progress. Channie enjoys hiking in high mountains despite altitude sickness. She hopes to visit the Tibetan plateau again to explore more beauty of nature.

Emily David

Emily David Operations Coordinator

Emily grew up on the east coast and settled in San Diego over 20 years ago. She's worked in a wide variety of industries, from dog care to litigation. Through her experiences, she's developed a skillset tailor-made for team building and problem solving. She has a passion for helping others achieve their best, from the overall company to the individual. When she's not optimizing systems, Emily can be found giving peanut butter pretzels to her absurdly cute gaggle of senior dogs and solving crossword puzzles with her partner Stephen.

Matt Granoff

Matt Granoff Senior Language Arts Curriculum Developer

Matt majored in folklore and mythology at Harvard before slowly drifting into teaching English. This new field is unquestionably of more use to the world in general, but if you ever want to just talk about world mythology, he's pretty much always down for that. Matt started teaching rhetoric at a classical academy in Minnesota before moving to the Bay Area and teaching English, ethics and game design theory (three separate courses, sadly) at the Menlo School and English and philosophy at Saratoga. He's always found the most exciting part of teaching to be getting students to push beyond their intellectual comfort zones and see just how much cool stuff is out there in the world to learn about. When he's not teaching or taking care of his 3-year-old, Matt spends his time doing competitive trivia, puzzle hunts, computer gaming and reading lots of sci-fi and comics.

Tim Handley

Tim Handley Life Science Curriculum Developer

Tim is a scientist turned designer and educator. He worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a member of technical staff, and for the National Park Service as a bio tech and quantitative ecologist. Frustrated by the growing gap between science and society, and being both a trained scientist and a lifelong gamer, he decided to bring these skills together to help build a better future. In his role as designer and educator, Tim has built and taught a variety of innovative middle school science classes at One Spark Academy, where he also pioneered a tradition of Pi Day whipped-cream pie fights. In more serious work, he has taught several classes in the Game Design track at the ArtCenter College of Design, has published two nature-oriented science games, and has more games in the works. Now, as a Curriculum Developer for AoPS, he puts those same skills to use in building life sciences courses for AoPS Academy.

Annie Kim

Annie Kim Science Curriculum Intern

Annie earned her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Cell Biology with a minor in Global Health from the University of California, San Diego. During her time at UCSD, she served on the transfer advisory committee and was dedicated to helping fellow transfer students better acclimate to their new environments. Annie understands how daunting science can be and hopes to bridge this gap by mentoring incoming transfer students in science. Now, as a new intern for AoPS, Annie plans to build a strong foundation in science for youth by developing courses that are both engaging and challenging. She aims to encourage students to be proactive in their education and to approach difficult problems with a creative mindset. Outside of work, you’ll likely find her exploring new cafes in San Diego or visiting the local farmers market.

Stephanie Lage

Stephanie Lage Product Director, Math & Science

Stephanie has been working with AoPS students since 2017 and was previously an Associate Director at AoPS Academy Bellevue. Stephanie has always had a deep interest in understanding how the world works. This led to the decision to major in mathematics and physics at Washington State University and led to tutoring others in math and science classes while in school. She quickly realized how much fun it is to help people explore new and difficult concepts by challenging them to think through their own ideas. She then spent two years as a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Colorado, where being a TA who taught Calculus was the most rewarding part. Next steps included teaching students of all ages and ability levels, including teaching high school math and science for three years. Stephanie loves working with students who are excited about math, helping them rise to new challenges and discover new problem-solving strategies, but also loves working with those who aren't as excited about math, helping them to see how fun and rewarding it can be. When not talking about math, Stephanie enjoys traveling, hiking, and making crochet hats.

Gabby Le

Gabby Le Language Arts Curriculum Intern

A San Diego native, Gabby is a returning AoPS intern who is working on earning her BA in English and minor in education as a rising senior at UC Berkeley. She is looking to work in the field of education within a teaching or curriculum design capacity and is currently involved in ethnographic research projects that center marginalized K-12 student experiences in Berkeley and Oakland. As a first generation Vietnamese-Belarusian college student, Gabby has a deep appreciation for learning and storytelling and is passionate about cultivating educational spaces that center empathy and community. Outside of work, Gabby coaches K-2 youth soccer on the weekends and enjoys graphic design, printmaking, and hiking!

Ryan Lemon

Ryan Lemon Software Engineering Team Lead

Ryan joined AoPS in early 2022 as a Software Engineer. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he always enjoyed learning math in school and wondered how his favorite video games were made, leading him to the world of computer science. Ryan graduated from UCSD in 2019, where he majored in mathematics - computer science and minored in music. During his time in college, he was a Peer Counselor Coordinator for UCSD's Filipino cultural organization, mentoring his fellow peers academically, professionally, and mentally. He was formerly an instructor and operations lead at his previous company, where he taught kids computer science and supervised all instructors and their training processes. He is excited to continue his tech and education career here at AoPS, working alongside amazing people and building tools to help kids succeed. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys playing video games, singing, taking care of plants, and spending time with his cat, Meelo.

Isaac Li

Isaac Li Math Curriculum Developer

Isaac joined AoPS as a math curriculum developer upon completing a BS in Mathematics from UCLA. He was a frequent instructor for AlphaStar Academy, and a problem writer and test organizer for various contests including mathleague.org and Berkeley Math Tournament. He calls the Bay Area home (Daly City / San Jose). Enjoys writing interesting math problems, teaching, and creating levels for rhythm games.

Bridget Lynch

Bridget Lynch Expansion Director

Bridget joined AoPS in 2019. As a philosopher by education and a non-profit program director by prior experience, she has always been elbow-deep in problem solving. Fiercely not-competitive, her greatest joy comes from helping others so that they can find more joy in their own lives. When not trying to bring order to chaos - or incessantly asking “why?” - you’ll find her throwing dinner parties, photographing friends’ life events, and providing emotional support services to her giant greyhound.

Isabel McGuigan

Isabel McGuigan Software Engineering Intern

Isabel discovered a passion for mathematics in middle school and joined AoPS shortly thereafter, first as a student and eventually as a grader and teaching assistant. She loves teaching math almost as much as she loves learning about it, and she is currently pursuing a BS in Mathematics at MIT with a minor in Linguistics. When she's not solving math problems, Isabel enjoys knitting interesting topological surfaces, playing board games, sewing, taxidermy, and swing dancing.

Kelly Mullinix

Kelly Mullinix East Regional Director

Kelly is the East Regional Director for AoPS Academy. In 2014, Kelly became the Language Arts Director at the inaugural AoPS Academy campus in Morrisville, North Carolina. She went on to manage the language arts program nationally prior to taking on her current role overseeing operations at the campuses in the eastern half of the country. A Pennsylvania native, Kelly earned her bachelor's from Penn State. After relocating to North Carolina to teach public school, she went on to receive her master's from UNC Chapel Hill and soon after found her way to AoPS. When she's not busy working, Kelly's busy keeping up with four kids, two dogs, a gecko, and a husband – they're all pretty great, but free time is short in supply!

Whitney Niceswanger

Whitney Niceswanger Math Curriculum Developer

Whitney joined AoPS in 2022 after spending the better part of a decade teaching math at the community college. She has a bachelor's in chemistry from USD and a master's in math from SDSU. Her experience teaching students from underprivileged backgrounds cultivated a desire to make the beauty of mathematics accessible to everyone. She enjoys group problem solving and discussing unique solutions and conceptualizations. When not working, Whitney enjoys taking her dogs to the beach and puttering around in her vegetable garden.

Kevin O'Neal

Kevin O'Neal Business Director

Kevin joined AoPS in 2020 after many years in retail management and has had the pleasure of supporting the Academy campuses in several capacities since then. He currently oversees the execution of the AoPS Academy business strategy. Kevin is married to his high school sweetheart and is the father to two hellraising, barnburning cowgirls and a little buckaroo. They enjoy traveling and the outdoors... and horses and coloring and baby animals and playing in the dirt. Kevin wants to visit all 63 U.S. National Parks, is a wannabe history buff, and makes way too many trips to The Home Depot.

Tynan Ochse

Tynan Ochse Math Curriculum Team Lead

Tynan earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics at Caltech before going on to obtain his doctorate degree in mathematics at UT Austin. Concurrent with his studies, he has developed and taught engaging mathematical curricula to a wide range of audiences. This includes leading an afterschool recreational mathematics class at a middle school in Studio City, and teaching a summer course on modeling nim-style games with linear algebraic data as part of UT Austin's Freshman Research Initiative. Tynan is willing and able to be a spokesperson for all things algebraic geometry and number theory, and he is a firm proponent of making the process of doing research in mathematics more approachable and accessible to pre-collegiate students. In his free time, Tynan enjoys fishing, experimenting with pickling and canning foods, playing basketball, and competing in weightlifting.

Sarah Pierpoint

Sarah Pierpoint Operations Coordinator

Sarah is an Operations Coordinator for AoPS Academy. She is a past high school biology and Japanese teacher, instructional leader, and magnet coordinator with a few years in banking. She majored in environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, then graduated from CSU Northridge with a master's degree in secondary education. She moved to San Diego after three and a half years in Japan and is loving the perfect weather. Most of her free time is spent on indoor and outdoor gardening, playing phone games, and listening to Audibles. Her husband is in the Navy and they have three adorable dogs—Lala, Yuzu, and Haku.

Celeste Pilkington

Celeste Pilkington National Operations Director

Celeste is the National Operations Director for AoPS Academy. After a 20-year career in corporate meetings and events, specializing in operations management and leadership, Celeste returned to her roots in education and joined Art of Problem Solving in 2020. AoPS’ mission speaks to her core as a person and a parent - teaching resilience and problem solving to her two young kids is a top priority and her mantras are “you’ve got to blossom where you are planted” and “you can figure it out!” In her free time, Celeste loves to run, hike, bike and explore the great outdoors with her family.

Iuliana Radu

Iuliana Radu Math Curriculum Developer

The daughter of two math teachers, Iuliana participated in math contests throughout her K-12 education. She completed a BS in mathematics and an MS in computer science at the University of Bucharest (Romania) before coming to the United States to teach college math. Next, Iuliana pursued a PhD in mathematics education at Rutgers University, during which she researched how students think about mathematical infinity. Before joining AoPS, she taught math and math education courses at Rutgers University and coordinated the Rutgers Math Teachers’ Circle. Iuliana was a math instructor and later an Associate Director for the AoPS Princeton campus before transitioning to her current role of curriculum developer with AoPS. In her spare time, Iuliana enjoys hiking, music, and table tennis.

Liz Ramjohn

Liz Ramjohn Expansion Coordinator

Elizabeth, also known as Liz, is a seasoned professional with a BA in psychology and an MA in industrial and organizational psychology. Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Miami, Liz brings a unique cultural perspective to her work. She relocated to San Diego to contribute to the non-profit sector, making significant strides working with foster and ex-foster youth. Beyond her professional achievements, Liz is a passionate individual who loves plants, animals, music, cooking, writing, and continuous learning. Liz's favorite quote: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou

Dustin Ransom

Dustin Ransom VP of AoPS Academy

Dustin is the VP of AoPS Academy and oversees operations of AoPS Academy product and physical campuses. He first joined AoPS as an assistant in 2013, and assisted the intermediate group at the Los Angeles Math Circle while studying math at UCLA. Dustin became interested in math through music. Interested in digital audio synthesis, he realized he'd need to actually learn some math in order to build synthesizers from the ground up. Soon after, math overcame his musical interests. Outside of math, Dustin is obsessed with endurance sports and training. An avid runner himself, you'll often find him running in the San Diego mountains wondering, "When are we going to run that sub-2 hour marathon already?!"

Jack Sanchez

Jack Sanchez Product Director, Language Arts

Jack joined AoPS in 2020 as the Academy Language Arts Curriculum Lead. Despite being drawn to math in high school, he completed a BA in philosophy from Arizona State University and an MA in religion from Yale University. Jack taught a variety of philosophy courses at the college level before entering a PhD program in philosophy at Purdue University. During his doctoral program, Jack fell in love with crafting lesson plans that helped students become more creative and analytical thinkers, so he moved to San Diego to teach humanities classes at a private school. Jack has since been working at AoPS, first as a language arts instructor, and most recently as an Associate Product Director for the Language Arts program at AoPS Academy. In his free time, Jack enjoys running, reading, and spending time with his wife and three sons.

Joshua Schroeder

Joshua Schroeder Software Engineer

Joshua Schroeder has long held a passion for mathematics as well as programming. He completed an undergraduate degree in mathematics at Michigan State University, and subsequently completed a PhD in Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a research focus in structural graph theory. Throughout his programming related graduate coursework and process of writing code for his research, he developed a passion for writing clean, high performance code, and subsequently sought a Software engineering position at Art of Problem Solving. In his time off, he enjoys video games and board games, such as Dead by Daylight, Twilight Imperium, Root, Faster than Light, and Tears of the Kingdom. He also loves farmer's markets, growing plants, and baking various desserts and breads.

Dane Scott

Dane Scott Language Arts Curriculum Developer

Dane first joined AoPS in 2019. He has a lifelong passion for literature, mythology, and religion. He is currently working on a PhD in religious studies at Boston University researching ritual theory and visuality in ancient Greek and Roman communities. He’s excited to bring his passion for ancient literature and languages into the AoPS Language Arts curricula and will not hesitate to drop a Latin-related fun fact into the mix.

Brendan Tang

Brendan Tang Software Engineer

Long before joining AoPS in 2022, Brendan spent a large amount of his childhood assembling building toys of various shapes and sizes. When he was in high school, he realized that writing computer programs would allow him to build great things with unparalleled flexibility to encounter setbacks, learn from mistakes, and keep trying again, so after graduating from UC Berkeley, he went on to spend his career writing code. He hopes that his work at AoPS helps students learn math and problem solving skills that help them engineer solutions to future problems. Aside from programming, you may find him engaging in tabletop games, Dance Dance Revolution, or reading or watching videos about whatever topics grab his interest.

Joe Ubelhart

Joe Ubelhart Software Engineer

Joe graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in computer science. He has a passion for video games which led him to create custom tools and game modes for Rocket League. He’s also a big football fan who roots for the Seahawks and Huskies. Joe was a five-year member of the University of Washington Husky Marching Band playing the tenor sax. He really enjoyed the incredible experience of performing in front of huge crowds in big games. In his free time he likes to play video games, throw a football, or shoot a basketball.

Matthew Underwood

Matthew Underwood Language Arts Curriculum Team Lead

Matthew joined AoPS in 2021. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2009, he became a certified teacher and spent a decade teaching internationally. He has taught world history and language arts in various educational settings, from enrichment programs to international high schools. His classroom experience has taken him from Shanghai, China, to Santiago, Chile, where he's taught and designed curricula for thousands of multicultural students from elementary school to high school. He's driven by creating interactive, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that challenge students and spark their creativity. Outside of work, you'll likely find Matthew listening to podcasts, playing board games, playing volleyball, or exploring new places.

Josh Zhang

Josh Zhang Software Engineering Intern

Josh is currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington. His journey with AoPS began in middle school with their competition math textbooks and eventually led to taking the AMC & USAPhO examinations throughout high school. In his free time, he loves exploring new places and is excited to tour the streets of San Diego, trying new boba shops and finding hidden restaurants. He also loves playing all sorts of racquet sports (except tennis, it's too hard).

Leon Zhou

Leon Zhou Senior Software Engineer

Leon is a web developer with a passion for making clean and responsive UIs. Leon grew up in San Diego, where he attended the San Diego Math Circle and was president of the math club at Canyon Crest Academy, then got a BS in Mathematics from MIT. After graduating in 2014, Leon worked at Pocket Gems, a mobile gaming studio, then at Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company, before joining Art of Problem Solving in 2022. Leon enjoys working in React and Python, strives to write practical, idiomatic code, and loves coding collaboratively. Outside of work, Leon enjoys playing competitive video games: he's been ranked in the top 15 in Northern California in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and also enjoys other fighting games and strategy games. He also partakes in indoor rock climbing, puzzle hunts (with Galactic Trendsetters), cooking, juggling, and hot sauces.

Our family regularly talks about AoPS. We try to think about how our life would be different without you all. What if my daughter hadn't learned to love math? What if she never experienced being pushed to her limits? Overcoming failure? She wouldn't be who she is. And she is AWESOME! A very proud mom here. We are so fortunate that we found AoPS Academy. I credit AoPS for much of her confidence.

Kelly B.,

AoPS Academy parent to 16-year-old engineering major at UW and future cancer researcher